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The 5 Biggest HR Trends of 2022

Cadalys is featured in a recent Human Resources Executive article about how HR leaders will need to adopt technology in new ways to face continuing challenges with hybrid work, vaccine mandates and the talent acquisition and retention challenges.

Find an excerpt below of Cadalys CEO Marc Friedman's insights on the role of employee onboarding in an increasingly hybrid work landscape, and read the full article on the Human Resources Executive web site.

High-touch employee onboarding will also become increasingly important thanks to 2022 being a job hunter’s market and the proliferation of remote workforces, says Marc Friedman, CEO and founder of Cadalys, a Salesforce app provider.

“Remote employees can’t just lean over the cubicle to ask a colleague a question, so there is a greater need to achieve the kind of self-sufficiency faster that comes with world-class onboarding,” he says, adding that insufficient onboarding can cost a company up to one-third of an employee’s first-year salary in the form of lost productivity and increased attrition.

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