Evidence-Based COVID-19 Workflows

CareIQ has provided this COVID-19 specific version of our Triage and UM solutions during the pandemic to help companies manage chaos and prioritize resources accordingly.

The COVID-19 pandemic is serious.

The risk of overwhelming the US Healthcare system is alarming, with only 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 citizens. With approximately 68% of beds being occupied at any given time, this leaves only 300k beds for 330 million people. It is critical to ensure hospital and ED admissions are being done on a strict medical necessity basis. Our workflows driven from evidence-based guidelines will help manage these scarce resources.

CareIQ Triage is an AI-based Symptom Triage wizard and chatbot to identify likely causes of symptoms and provide the next best action guidance plus the level of emergency, so the user knows whether they need to consult a medical professional, visit the Emergency Department or manage the condition at home.

The COVID-19 version is specifically meant for Triaging possible COVID-19 patients and will provide a Triage Level (i.e. Your symptoms are very serious...) and a Next Best Action (i.e. Consult PCP vs ED #)

Coupled with MCG medical necessity guidelines, your call center and clinical staff are able to proactively manage utilization resources, authorizations and help prevent the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.