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Dreamforce 21 Featured Session

Cadalys co-presented a feature session at this year's reimagined Dreamforce 2021 event alongside Dr. Jose Quesada, VP Global Healthcare for Salesforce, titled "Improving Care with Intelligent Utilization Management". In the session, we discuss why legacy tech is not equipped to handle the present, much less the next normal, and highlight key areas where payers can thrive in the evolving landscape health plans are facing.

Watch the session on-demand on the Salesforce+ streaming channel, and learn how our CareIQ solution suite for Salesforce Health Cloud is empowering payers to transform mission-critical areas like prior authorization with pre-built utilization management workflows that streamline and standardize previously inefficient, time consuming processes.

CareIQ Utilization Management delivers seamless evidence-based decision support for clinical review processes:

Pre-Built Automation For: Prior Authorization, Medical Director Review, Concurrent Review, Appeals/Grievances, Complaints & Claims Adjudication

Custom Curation of Medical Coverage Policies to structure and streamline clinical reviews including National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Policies (LCDs) to support Medicare and Medicaid determinations

Dramatically increases efficiency of MD and RN tasks, eliminating tedious swivel chair processes with a highly intuitive UI to facilitate clarity and faster, more accurate evaluation of clinical guideline criteria in a single pane of glass

Read more about real-world UM transformation at a global health services company who is streamlining 100% of prior authorizations with seamless, evidence-based guidelines and clinical content surfaced in a single pane of glass.