CareIQ For Digital Transformation

CareIQ was recently featured as one of Salesforce's "8 Tools To Help Businesses on Their Road To Digital Transformation" in the new all-digital, work-from-anywhere landscape.

Salesforce Customer 360 Blog Feature

Salesforce notes that the current environment has made digital transformation an imperative for companies to rethink the way they operate and consider all the opportunities to digitize their business for an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. The recent blog post, "8 Tools To Help Businesses on Their Road To Digital Transformation" states: "For many, this is the time to modernize technology stacks and invest in major systems like CRM."

Salesforce recently highlighted Cadalys CareIQ as one of six ways businesses can leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce partner ecosystem to help speed along their digital transformation journey:

Streamline your clinical workflows

For healthcare payors and providers, implementing evidence-based care strategies often requires toggling between multiple software applications — a process that takes time and money away from providing care. Unifying the information from different systems onto a central platform like CareIQ can reduce costs, enable speedy access to evidence-based decision support, and utilize medical professionals more efficiently.