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Behavioral Healthcare Insights

Cadalys offers a fresh perspective on how technology can facilitate tighter collaboration between payers and providers in meeting critical behavioral health needs of members and patients.

Read our feature in Behavioral Healthcare Executive to learn more about strategies to adapt to increased demand for behavioral health services, and how progressive health plans and provider systems are adopting innovative strategies to deliver a whole person approach that considers comorbidities as part of care management and utilization management transformation.

Our CareIQ solution was purpose-built to handle the most complex use cases, with a seamless integration to evidence-based guidelines and assessment data like PHQ-9 for common mental disorders, GAD-7 screening for anxiety, CIWA for alcohol withdrawal, and COWS for opiate withdrawal.

Explore how CareIQ delivers unified care management and utilization management workflows that streamline payers and providers' ability to deliver access to appropriate, timely and compliant care for behavioral health.

CareIQ Facilitates A Whole-Person Approach to Care