5 Trends Shaping Enterprise SaaS Use in 2022

Cadalys is featured in the recent CIO Dive feature, where we highlight the role of a centralized tech stack as a competitive differentiator for companies looking to hire and retain top talent this year as one of the 5 trends shaping enterprise SaaS use in 2022.

The article features expert insights from technology leaders on how companies software buying decisions are changing as more line-of-business managers adopt tools outside of the CIO's purview and businesses rethink their must-haves in 2022.

Explore our perspective on why "top talent is going to look for places to work where they can be successful" along with other industry predictions on the future of work - check out the full article here.

Read an excerpt from Cadalys CEO, Marc Friedman, below from the piece:

SaaS: the secret talent tool

C-suite members list access to talent among their top concerns for 2022, and SaaS tools could play a role in their response strategy.

"Top talent is going to look for places to work where they can be successful," said Marc Friedman, CEO of Cadalys. Entering the market as hot commodity, technologists will judge competing offers by looking at what companies can do to improve their efficiency — including what type of software they'll have access to and how well designed the tech stack is.

"If you are a rock star employee and you have a choice of anywhere you can go to work, you're not going to go work for the company that has created their tech stack where you have to use 33 separate applications to do your job," said Friedman.