Kred for CRM – the social media influence power of Kred for Salesforce

Kred for CRMKred for CRM™ is the official Kred app for Salesforce, has been featured on Fox Business Network’s Technology Behind Business, and is the world’s first social media influence app for Salesforce. Kred is a leading measurement of social media influence. Kred goes far beyond simple and less-meaningful metrics such as numbers of followers to provide a completely transparent score based on actions in social media and the effectiveness of those actions and interactions. Kred Influence measures an individual’s ability to inspire action in others. Kred Outreach measures an individual’s willingness to take action, and enthusiasm for amplifying, broadcasting and relaying information. Kred scores are measured globally, as well as in over 70 specific online communities such as C-Suite Executives, Bloggers, Tech, Finance and Healthcare. Kred for CRM can enable your company to identify the most powerful active influencers of your brand, as well as those most willing and able to promote your company’s brand or offering, and to use Salesforce to incorporate this insight into your company’s marketing, sales and customer service operations:


  • Search for the most influential people mentioning a brand, product, service, competitor or keyword in social media, and create Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Cases directly in Salesforce.
  • Increase close rate and average order size through the Sales Cloud by discovering previously unknown social media relationships between people in Salesforce and key contacts on Opportunities.
  • Create marketing campaigns specifically targeted to top influencers and outreachers in the online communities relevant to your brand, products or services.
  • Provide superior customer service through the Service Cloud to individuals most able and willing to make or break your company’s reputation.

Visit Kred for CRM on The AppExchange, or contact moc.syladacnull@derk to learn how your company can successfully incorporate the power of Kred’s social media influence scoring into all areas of your CRM strategy. Click here to see how top Influencers responded to Kred for CRM in its first week. Video: Kred for CRM™ – Teaser Trailer (3:02) Video: Kred for CRM™ – Full Length Application Video (4:46)

Kred for CRM™ – Teaser Trailer

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Kred for CRM™ – Full Length Application Video

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